It's information of maplestory which contains the skills, mesos for sale, the tutorial quest and the update of maplestory big bang character.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to play a maplestory private v62 server?

i dont understand the concept of playing a maplestory private server v62, i download everything they tell me to. Then too click on the maplestory icon. And when i play, im playing the original maplestory with the original rate. wth ?
thanks but the thing i downloaded had 3 files, they told me to put all of them in, and then to click Maplestory.exe, one of them had kiki, something in it

crappy maplestory guide

mostly for my gf and i even gave a link to a few friend. i know its not good but idc wut u think ight imma do a better one when i feel like it Edit” im single again sadly

In Maplestory, what are some quests that give you MP or HP potions? Level 0-35.?

Question says it all. Basically, I’m a level 35 Thunder Breaker (so close to level 36) and I need MP potions, so any quests or even just ways to get potions easily/cheap. Also exclude the Cory Thanksgiving quest cause I’ve been doing that.

Maplestory Battlemage Level 7x 3rd job Skills

I would also like some suggestions on what kind of videos i should make :) .I do not own maplestory or any other programs i used i just take some credit for leveling and making the video. :P

MapleStory 2008-03-01 22-54-48-82


Image taken on 2008-03-05 23:54:45 by Ken Gao.

What are some tips to get mesos in Maplestory?

i need meso fast to buy armor and weapons. So i need tips to make fast mesos or websites. plz and thnks

Maplestory big bang ap and sp question! 10 points garantee for best!?

Ok, please forgive me if I sound like a noob because i just started playing 3 days ago. K right now I have a level 21 claw thief, and a level 10 beginner (soon to be pirate, brawler) I’m really nervous because after the big bang everything is gonna change, and I’m afraid all the ap build i made is going to be useless and the character is gonna be a waste of time…… so will big bang affect ap also? i heard sp get reset so it’s ok to me.
my thief ap – dex=5+level, rest luk
soon to be pirate – nervous so is scared to play it right now, don’t want the current ap build become useless after big bang, thus making character a waste

Saturday, December 24, 2011

-{ Maplestory : 13 New HairStyles (CUSTOM 2010)!! }-

Heyaa Here are 13 Custom HairStyles. Hope u like the vid ! Credits to Sai for making these awsome hairs Credits to me for making a vid about it :3

Maplestory Bowmaster Skills

i didnt no this video wud be so short lol! k anyway, yeah lvl 200 bowmaster, ithrowthings, heres mah skills! i solo mr. fishy in the end, pianus!

Maplestory Big Bang Leveling?

I have a priest in maplestory and it is level 75. I can’t find people to party quest with on Romeo and Juliet. How do I level to at least 160 as fast as I can. Please help! Thank you. =D =D =D XD xD XD xD XD xD
Don’t be a hater. Really, you guys who are haters should just go and not answers. And, stop leaving hate answers!